Lucia Perez

Department of Astrophysical Sciences
Office Hours

PhD in Astrophysics 2022, Arizona State University


I study the galaxy-halo connection in order to better understand how the universe evolved. I specialize in the clustering of galaxies in space, dark matter simulations, generating galaxies using semi-analytic models, and using machine learning to decipher how cosmology is tied to galaxy properties and observables. My postdoc is split between Princeton and the Center for Computational Astrophysics at the Flatiron Institute, and my PhD is from Arizona State University. In graduate school I also focused on constraining the epoch of reionization with galaxy clustering, and and my past research has taken me through various NASA centers, South Africa on a Fulbright Fellowship, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, and the American Museum of Natural History. I attended Wellesley College and am from New York City and Venezuela.